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About DevOps Training and Certification Course..

This iTOpsTube DevOps popular training course will help you become fully proficient and deploy the DevOps principles and tools in a software enterprise. You will be learning the techniques of successfully integrating the IT development and IT operation departments. This DevOps instructor-led training will help you understand how to communicate, collaborate and automate key processes and systems in order to create synergies for creating faster and better software solutions.

Who should take this DevOps training course?

IT Developers & IT Operations personnel Software automation, testing and security professionals DevOps consultants and stakeholders


What are the prerequisites for taking this DevOps training course?

Anybody can take this training regardless of their skill sets. A basic knowledge of coding can be beneficial.


Why should you take this DevOps certification training course?

For very long times the development and the operations teams of any software enterprise have stayed at arm’s length. But this organizational cultural shift thanks to DevOps a lot of changes are happening in forward-thinking enterprises. Learning DevOps will help you master all the skills needed in order to successfully build, operate, monitor, measure and improve the various processes in IT enterprises by better integrating development and operations. You will grab the best jobs in top MNCs after finishing this training.


Following topics are coved in this course,

CI Tools:

  1. Git
  2. Jenkins
  3. Nexus
  4. Sonarqube

CD Tools:

  1. Chef
  2. Ansible
  3. Docker

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